Using Briquettes in the Summer

Really? Burning fuel in the summer?


These days everyone is starting to enjoy the al fresco lifestyle; unfortunately, we don’t always have the Mediterranean weather we need. The solution is a fire pit or chimenea, but who wants to spend a lovely evening outside by the fire and then clean up a load of ash and mess afterwards? Never mind that you spent most of the evening getting your logs to catch properly and had to re-enact the Great Fire of London to feel any warmth. How bad is it when you just get a big, warming fire going right as everyone has decided to go because they have been shivering in front of your wonderful fire pit?

Briquettes can solve those problems. Burning cleanly and completely means there is very little to clean up in the morning (and the fine ash you do get is great for the gardeners amongst you). You also have a product that burns with a very high heat output  almost from lighting.

Not to mention, netted bags of logs are expensive if you just want to keep the chill off when you are enjoying the great outdoors. Briquettes are the same great value for money all year round.

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