About Us

I established GWB in 2015 as a way to do something I had always wanted – work for myself at something I enjoy. I have a job history in engineering and manufacturing; my degree is in Physics and Forensic Science, which included study on fires and combustion. I work hard on whatever I apply myself to. The satisfaction of creating a great product that is tested by very critical friends and family (and Scooby!) is second-to-none. I take great pride in my business, from spending hours of my weekend tweaking the machines to get the best conditions, to checking in on retailers. I will never stop improving my product to get the best return for my customers.

I’m not an eco-warrior out to save the world, but I do believe that sustainability and traceability is vital – be that in any area, not just fuel. Our products are made from waste material that the producers would pay to dump. I think that is madness, so I personally source the raw material from local businesses to create a carbon neutral solution. I know where it comes from and who it comes from.

It is important to me that local businesses support each other; I am very fortunate to have a lot of people helping me which I hope I can pay forward in my dealings with local traders. I support Brand New Forest and local good causes where I can.

I always deal honestly with people – if I don’t think my product is right for your application, I’ll tell you. I’ll also tell you if something has gone wrong and I can’t meet your order (although that hasn’t happened yet, the machinery could throw a tantrum!).

So there’s my mission statement: operate fairly to produce an environmentally friendly, sustainable fuel with great customer service. If that is something that appeals to you – get in touch!



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