Plant material contains a substance called lignin which is the magic ingredient to make the briquettes. Under pressure from a hydraulic ram, the lignin breaks down and acts like a glue. This natural binding process means there is nothing added to the wood material. You’ll see this if the briquettes get wet – they return to their original form. So don’t get them wet…

We control the moisture content of the raw material to a very low percentage – the fines for the Woodsman logs are dried on a drying floor to a pre-set figure; the sawdust in our Joinery logs is from necessarily dry wood for the carpenter’s use. This means the briquettes don’t spit in the fire and you won’t waste heat drying them out. You also don’t need to season the briquettes – we can burn them straight out of the machine.

The lack of sap in the product dramatically reduces the contaminants going into the smoke; this cleaner burn means soot and tar doesn’t build up anywhere near as much as it would with conventional logs.

We don’t put holes in our briquettes or make them into funny shapes: holes cause them to burn faster which is not really what we wanted in our own home so we guessed our customers wouldn’t either. The different shapes also affect burn by changing the surface area. Our briquettes burn hot without any messing about.